• Select your images & pick a shape

    To start the design process, log onto your event page and start saving your favorites. Once you have made your selections notify me and I will review your picks and send you a confirmation email that the design process has begun. The maximum number of images selected may not be more than twice the total number of album pages. For example, there should be a maximum 40 images for a 20-page album.
    * Choose horizontal, vertical, or square.
    * $350 retainer is required to start the design process.

  • The first draft

    I will create a first draft of your album design within 2-4 weeks and you will be able to review it online. You may either approve or submit edits to your first draft.

  • Making changes

    If your requested changes involve swapping in new images, you may request up to 3 new images not selected in the original image selection. Complex revision requests (such as those requesting extensive retouching or changing the album design style) may incur a revision fee

  • Draft approval & material selections

    Your album should be a unique expression of your tastes and preferences, and you'll have a great deal of control over the appearance of the finished album. Depending on the album type that you select, you may specify your choice of the following: * Album Design Style, * Album size and shape, * Album paper type, * Cover type, * Cover image, * Cover imprinting, * Page edge gilding.

  • I'll take it from here'

    At this point I will be sending the album order and image files off to have the album printed and bound. Since my album binder is in Italy we have to wait 5 weeks until we can see the finished album.
    * All outstanding invoices and payments are due before album delivery.